“feminist” ideologists

“For all the progression and sexual liberation that self-proclaimed “feminist” ideologists allege to encourage, for all the demands of respect they put forth, for all the emphasis on “not letting society tell you how to feel” it seems mighty hypocritical to tell me repeatedly — thank you, Salon, Jezebel, et al. — how incorrect I am to see things the way I do.” -Caitlyn Brennan, University of Michigan, The Michigan Daily

This quote is taken from Caitlyn Brennan, LS&A Junior at the University of Michigan, and her Viewpoint in The Michigan Daily, “In defense of ‘Blurred Lines.” While Brennan’s Op Ed is negative response to claims that the Blurred Lines music video encourages rape culture, her commentary on the behavioral response of Feminist Culture speaks to the greater conversation on the marginalization of women from a modern perspective: the marginalization of women by other women. Brennan explains that in the movement towards liberation, feminists have taken a wrong turn at defining with straight lines who is “for us” and “against us,” “more often against us.” The article provides a great example in how feminists have begun to exclude and even stigmatize women on the binary scale of being either intelligent and “aware” or “too far” sexualized and perpetuators of women as passive pleasure objects for men. Brennan, however, advocates more for the approach the Harvard Law Revue trio sings with in their parody, “Defined Lines:” ironically that the line in the sand between “sexualized” and “scholastic” or intelligent women needs to become more of a blurred line.


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