One Pen, One Diary, to One Incredible Memoir

I believe the gun has no power because a gun can only kill.” “But a pen can give life.” Malala Yousafazai


I love this quote because it is absolutely true. With a pen, as Malala did, she was able to write her every day life as it happened in Pakistan, and was able to turn it into a captivating and moving memoir that millions of people can read and become inspired. As supermodel Iman has said, “She is a game-changer for girls, and I wish young girls here knew more about Malala, and a less about the Kardashians” (Noveck, 1).

Malala is an amazing role model for women all over the world, but especially for girls her age. With her book, I am Malala, she is able to challenge others and their beliefs and make society think about what really is going on in the world. With her pen, Malala has truly changed women’s lives and has encouraged them to pursue education and to fight for it. She is giving women across the world motivation to become educated and make something meaningful out of their lives.



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