“Education is one of the most important means of empowering women with the knowledge, skills and self-confidence necessary to participate fully in the development process.” 

 –ICPD Programme of Action of Action, paragraph 4.2

This quote was said by the International Conference on Development Beyond 2014 and they talk about how while education for men is important it is actually even more important for women because it has “far reaching effects within the family and across generations” (UNFPA, 1). ICPD discusses how important it is that women all over the country especially in the countries of Pakistan, India, Bangladesh, all have access to education to increase development in these economies. They talk about how women that are educated get married later and as mentioned in the previous post, have smaller and healthier families (UNFPA, 1). These women are able to recognize how important health care is and can provide it for their children.

In addition, a woman’s education is actually more influential than a father’s according to the ICPD (1). Educated women are more likely to join the labour force and help their children with schooling. Also, educated women are less likely to have unintended and mistimed births, which is important in determining what kind of life they will provide for their children (UNFPA, 1). Because educated women tend to have a smaller family, they are able to provide and concentrate more on their kids offer a better support system. I think this is very important because it determines how these children take care of their children also. Additionally, investing in women’s education is also an effective way in reducing poverty, since most of these individuals tend to be women and their children (UNFPA, 1).

With all of the information above, it is essential that women have access to education so that they can take care of themselves and their children. Being able to receive an education is critical because it truly determines the structure of their family and what kind of life their children will have.



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