He plays the music, casting his gaze over his shoulder at her
Her hair obscures the light from her expression
She looks into his cup.

He takes the cup from her as she walks away, the angle cuts her face
The shadows of the fading day follow her into the kitchen
She looks into her cup.

She dances for him, the focus is on her, back, forth, coming close, but not quite near
The light is absorbed by her dark clothes, reflected in her hair
He looks after her, eyes tracking her retreat

The rays from the setting sun lit a sparkle in her eye
The glow off her blonde head lights the scene
He looks up the slit in the back of her shirt

Chipped nail pointed towards him, rebuking, reminding
He laughs, sinking deeper into the couch, conniving
His eyes never leave her

She dances in place, never moving, never looking
She gazes absently off to the left, the light dims.

-BV, Poem #1.1


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