Household Education to be the Best Housewife Possible

Household Education to be the Best Housewife Possible

This article, written in 1909, was written by a woman! Believe it or not, every woman did not necessarily agree that women belonged in the sciences. The question if women should receive education began to form into the question of what women should be learning about. During this time, women were also fighting for the right to vote, so needless to say there was a lot going on for them. “Household sciences” started becoming more prevalent because they wanted to keep women aiming towards the domestic sphere, while also agreeing that they should receive education. These reasons listed in the picture posted about why household arts should be taught all end up relating back to the child or student who will inevitably be prosperous if women were educated in this field. The reality was, it was not really about the women at all, instead it was about what the women could do for the rest of the population.



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