Where do Men Fit In to This?

I’m not gonna lie to you – When I was put into a group with three girls who had chosen feminism as our blog’s overall topic, I wasn’t particularly excited. I felt so far removed from any feminist experience that I didn’t quite feel as though I had enough to draw from to contribute in any significant manner. I felt like I had nothing to do with feminism – that was a women’s issue, and a women’s progression. How many of you feel the same way I felt?


Now take a look at the above video – in it, Betty Freidan makes the claim that the gender revolution that took place (or, was taking place during the time of that interview) was inherently dual-sexed. Both men and women shed off old, traditional ways of acting (men started growing longer hair, throwing off the traditional norm of the ‘tight-lipped, crew-cut man’), replacing them with characteristics that were traditionally associated with the opposite sex. Men became softer, and women became more assertive.

The way that we act in modern society, then, is generally much softer and more sensitive than even Friedan’s time. The day of the “bulging-muscled, bear-killing man”, Friedan states, is a thing of that past – it’s no longer necessary. Now, men tend to be much softer compared to their predecessors. Why? A product of the gender revolution!


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