A Bunnie is Beautiful – Poetry Exercise #2

Their pink Bunny ears, placed neatly over my head.

Their Electric Blue miniskirt, so tight that I can’t bend over.


A soggy, wrinkled five dollar bill extended from the patron’s arm.

The pack of cigarettes he wants me to buy for and bring to him.


The journal I’m reporting all of this for,

The college degree sitting atop my cupboard door.


All these poor, young things

That one over there, no more than eighteen years old


She sat by her uncle’s home phone for twelve hours a few weeks back

Waiting for the call that would let her into this dark, damp place


And I’m supposed to write about her? How?

Is she not happy? “A bunny –


Like a Playboy playmate – is beautiful, desirable. We’ll do

Everything in our power to make you – the Bunny – the most envied girl


In America, with the most exciting career.

How can I save this poor, pitiable soul?







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