No Half Measures: Poetry Exercise #1

Two people face eachother,

Coffee table serves

As a border or highway divider between the two.


One’s face is extraordinarily bland – confused, sacred, intent

A mix of all the above. The dim light highlights her

Features as she listens so intently on the other’s monologue.


The speaker leans forward, talking intently, explaining

How things are the way they are,

You can’t change them.


You won’t change them.

Listen to me.

Things’ll go better – easier – this way.


While her face remains focus, a sense of confusion – fear, even –

Runs across her face.

Can things possibly be so simple as he describes?


He gets up from his chair – dead fish eyes stuck into his face.

Serious. She stares at him with a sense of awe and panic.

Maybe there’s something to be heard from all this.


He leaves the room.


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