The Problem with No Name

Hi all!

I’m gonna be the member of our group whose going to focus on the mid-20th century progress and struggles that women have encountered in history. I’m pretty new to the topic and am the only male in my group, but I’m pretty excited as to how things are gonna turn out. Much of my research for this topic is going to come from the extremely acclaimed book that was released in 1963, by Betty Friedan (pictured): “The Feminine Mystique”.

This book surfaced during a period of American history that many of us would consider extremely prosperous (for some, at least): the United States had just rolled out of the extremely healthy 1950s in which black workers had begun to migrate to urban centers, away from the southern countryside. Large industrial manufacturers also had gained steam during the era which helped provide jobs for the majority of Americans – things were looking good. Even Detroit – now both vilified and pitied for poverty, homelessness, crime, and joblessness – was a thriving urban area that was considered at the top of America’s social spaces.

So what was wrong?

ENTER: “The Problem With No Name” – a phenomenon that affected educated, middle-class housewives across America. I’ll be delving more into it later on in my posts, though. Keep reading!



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