Women’s Education Now

I wanted to start this page with the video shown above because it gives me chills each and every time I watch it, simply because it so moving and powerful: just like every women across the world. The video captures just how far women have advanced their issues and had their voices heard. I found this video when I was researching about Chime for Change, which you will find out more as you read my blogs.  Even in the 21st century today, while women are being educated and receiving high degrees, not every woman in the world has access to education. Women who live in the United States and other developed countries and have access to education, face issues of gender discrimination that prevents them from excelling in fields such as in the sciences.

Women’s Education Now discusses the issues facing women in education today and how gendered stereotypes still exist and how unfair this is to women worldwide. I blog about a range of different issues concerning education, from Malala’s purpose in striving to educate every child, to different articles showing the underrepresentation of women in top leadership roles worldwide (except the Nordic countries). It is interesting to see how women are burdened in every aspect of society. They want to start a family yet are immediately seen as not being able to meet workplace opportunities, or portrayed as less competent than a man, when seated next to him. These sorts of issues are faced by women today in the 21st century and my research confirms it. While the gender gap has continued to close, more change needs to be implemented to empower women nationwide. There is no reason why men need to earn more than a women simply because he is a male.

Through this blog, I aspire to share the change that still needs to happen to fully incorporate women into the economic realm of society and that new government programs and policies need to be implemented to empower women’s education and leadership worldwide. With the way the economy and society is currently structured in America, women cannot have it all. They cannot hold a leadership position while trying to be a good mother and vice versa. “Having it all” for women typically depends on what type of job she has and this is unfair. Things need to change and they need to change NOW.



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